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Taking your trucking business to the next level can be a struggle.

  • How do I increase your bottom line and decrease my tax liability?
  • Can I use QuickBooks Online (QBO) for my trucking business?
  • How do I stay in compliance with government, IRS & state authorities?
  • Do I have employees or contractors?
  • Are the loads I book profitable?
  • Should I be set up as a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation; yet can I be taxed as an S Corp?
Let's answer your questions.

That’s why we specialize in providing advisory bookkeeping & tax services to logistics, trucking & transportation companies.

Our mission is to improve your bookkeeping processes and maximize your bottom line. We use our proven three-part methodology to take your business to the next level.

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Our 3 Step Method

Our proven three step method will take your business to the next level.


Set up and clean up

Keeping track of finances is an essential aspect of running any business, and this is especially true for truckers who need to keep a detailed record of their expenses and revenue.  Hiring an accountant will ensure that financial records are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with tax laws.


Procedures & Reporting

Bookkeeping procedures and reporting for truckers and transportation companies are essential to ensure that their financial records are accurate and up to date. These procedures involve tracking income and expenses, reconciling accounts, and generating financial reports to assess the profitability of their business.  Good reporting allows management the ability to track their business performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions about their operations.


Advisory and Growth

Everything is a process, and every process helps with growth.  We will advise you on how to increase their bottom-line profits by implementing various strategies that can help them reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve operational efficiency.

Grow Your Business

Today is the day to build the organization of your dreams! Let’s talk about how optimizing your financial processes can take it to the next level.

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Client Testimonials

I just started my own business, and Michelle has been guiding me through the mountains of paperwork. She is very smart, professional and really nice. What she can do in one hour would probably take me a week. She’s on point with everything. Michelle has been making the process very easy for me. I highly recommend her!!!!
Thomas Messina
PA Tom Home Improvement Services
Best tax services out here. I have been with MC Accounting for over 15 years. The most loyal, professional, and respectable company I have ever been with. I will keep coming back for awesome service. Look forward to many more years of great service.
Michele Lewis
Michelle has been doing my taxes for 3 years now and I absolutely love her. She is very dedicated, trustworthy and knowledgeable.
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